Home Fragrance options

A complete guide on understanding the different aroma products as home fragrance options for creating a luxurious environment.

What should I use to make this place smell fantastic…?? How can I keep the aromatic environment steady all the time…?? Should I go for a strong fragrance or a mild note..!!??

If these are the questions on your mind…then this article will help you to understand the different options that are available in the marketplace to select your home fragrance products/home fragrance ideas.

Aroma products as home decore

Gone are the days when home fragrance just meant spraying scent around the house to mask bad odors. From many years people have been using traditional means of fragrance like incense sticks and dhoops. . Today, home fragrance is as much a part of home decor as any piece of furniture or art. Home fragrance products are now more of a lifestyle product than just a bad odor-masking material…

Right home fragrance option for right space

The space we live in enhances the mood of the person.When you set up the room and set up furniture, light and artefact around it, then it is important to select  of a right home fragrance option as well. With several fragrances available in the market, it can be confusing to understand which device works best for which room. Using the correct product in the correct space can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the fragrance. Here are some types of fragrances that you can use around the house.

Incense Sticks / Dhoop cones / Dhoop Sticks a traditional home fragrance options

Incense sticks and dhoop sticks are a traditional home fragrance options
Incense sticks are the traditional means of Home Fragrance options

Agarbathies are a very effective way for a scent to permeate the remotest corners of a home. One has to stand the smoke if he has to use incense sticks. Agarbathi works best in rooms that have good ventilation. A high-quality incense stick or cone can burn up to an hour and leave a lingering scent. A Speciality incense sticks manufacturer has the scope of using very rare forest resigns in crafting special incense stick/ dhoop sticks/dhoop cones. There are different types of agarbathies like black bathi, brown bathi, masala bathi, durbar bathi, base bathi to name a few…

Aroma Reed Diffusers kits a modern home fragrance options

Reed diffusers are the modern approach for home fragrance options
Reed Diffuser kits a home fragrance options for luxerious mild and subtel environmenthttps://aromagalaxy.in/index.php/classic-series-3/

Aroma Reed Diffusers kits are one of the most modern approaches to home fragrance. Rattan reed sticks are placed in a glass jar with reed diffuser oil. Because of the capillary effect, the fragrance travels through the reed sticks and diffuses in the air, creating a fragrant environment. The reach of such diffusers is not great but it gives out a consistent yet subtle scent making them ideal for smaller rooms. A fragrance Reed diffuser kits are great for bedrooms, small washrooms, and small office cabins, as you need something consistent yet mild.

Aroma Candles …a fascinating home fragrance options

Perfumed candle in the room for a beautiful ambience
Perfumed Candles a fascinating home fragrance options

Aroma candles look very charming. Aroma Candles are also one of the oldest and most effective ways to make your home smell nice. There are many types of aroma candles. Candles are made of paraffin wax, other petroleum products soy wax and beeswax. Depending on the size of the room, one can place as many scented candles as one wants for the right amount of fragrance to engulf it. Aroma candles need an hour to to spread the fragrance in the room once lit. One will have to place them carefully in safe spots around the room.

Aroma Diffusers

Diffuser oil as a home fragrance options
Diffuser oil is a very modern approach of home fragrance options

Candle based aroma diffuser are one of the home fragrance options. Aroma burners are usually ceramic / terracotta. Aroma burners are filled with water and fragrance oils on the top and candle is placed inside the diffuser. The reach of these burners is good and if placed at strategic points in a room. They can help a large space, such as a formal drawing room, become fragrant in about 10-15 mins. Oil burners and candles work best for the living room. A flickering light is always a great way of enhancing the corners. Since it involves a flame, it is advised to keep it out of reach of children and pets. In case of candle based aroma diffuser tea light and aroma oil needs to be replaced often. Aroma diffuser improve overall aesthetic of a room.

Room Scents / Room Surround Spray /Linen Mist

Room Scents or room surround sprays are good old and a quick home fragrance options
Air Fresheners are good old and a quick home fragrance options

One of the more popular home fragrance options of infusing a scent in a room. The room surround sprays  work best for rooms with proper ventilation. These work effectively to mask other odours in the house. The biggest plus is that it works immediately. There are different types of room scents. They are water based mists and gas based pressurised tins. Mists linger in the air for longer than the pressurised sprays. The best way to use these sprays is to use them as the first layer to eliminate any unwanted smells. Then use other devices such as aroma candles or aroma burners to sustain the fragrance.


Bakhoors the arabic way
An arabic home fragrance options

Bakhoor is the Arabic word for aromatic woodchips. Usually Agarwood and a combination of genuine traditional components. Oudh chips are soaked in scented oils and blended with essential oils & other natural ingredients. It comes in many different varieties and is most popular in the Arabic world. Bakhoor is used during special occasions such as weddings, parties and for relaxing purposes. In Arabian culture, it’s a traditional gesture to use bakhoor in the rooms before the guests enter the homes. And also to pass bakhoor among guests, so they can scent their hair, clothing, hands.

Choose the right Aroma Products

These are some of the best home fragrance options that are available in the market. You can select any of these options depending upon the liking, availability, the space that you would like to use, the time and the occassion.

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